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She's not good at costumes

2022 | 6 Min | Horror | Comedy | Super Natural 

Directorial Debut 

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Alice is nervous. She's not good at costumes and is running late to a Halloween party. Spooked, she calls her best friend, Lucy, who's already at the party. Lucy dismisses Alice's fear as social awkwardness. As Alice walks alone to the party, she is attacked by four masked trick-or-treaters. Little do they know, they would trigger a monstrous transformation in Alice. The creature within Alice eviscerates the masked men. And also gives her the perfect blood soaked costume for the party.

CREATURE is Larissa James' directorial debut that she also wrote and edited. James has always been drawn to strong female characters and super natural genre stories that are grounded in reality. With Co-Writer Nicholas Nardini, she turned this very real story of a woman being afraid for her life into a feminist and super natural revenge film. James and Nardini are developing CREATURE into an episodic half-hour comedy, gore TV series.


Official Selections, Nominations & Awards 2021-2022


Los Angeles Film Awards- LAFA 

(Best Horror, Best Editing, Best Sound Design)

Creative Films Awards - Los Angeles

(Finalist Nominated! for BEST PERFORMANCE)

Female Film Eye Festival - FeFF

(Honorable Mention - Best of Thrills & Chills)

Venice Shorts 

(WINNER! Best Female Director)

Serbian International Monthly Film Carnival 


The British Short Film Awards 

(NOMINATED! Best Ensemble Cast, Best Horror Short, Best Makeup, Best VFX, Best Sound Design) 


Thrills and Chills Film Awards Halloween Edition (Online)

(NOMINATED! Best First Time Director, Best Horror, Best Makeup) 

Montreal Independent Film Festival (Canada)

(NOMINATED! Best Horror, Best First Time Filmmaker)

Killer Valley Horror Film Festival (Oregon)

(NOMINATED! Best Actress, Lily Gibson)


Silicon Beach Film Festival 


Berlin Short Film Festival 

Infinity Film Festival (London)


LA Independent Women Film Awards (Los Angeles)  


Cleveland Horror Festival (Ohio)


Halloweenapalooza (Iowa)

Razor Reel Flanders Film Festival (Bruges, Belgium)


Prague Independent Film Festival (Czech Republic)


Lisbon Film Rendezvous (Portugal)

Cinequest Film & VR Festival (Silicon Valley) 




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